Thought I might share this poem by Officer Brandon Moore.

I remember when I was younger about 8 years old or so,
I would hear the police sirens roar and off to the window I would go.
I wanted to see who they were saving or having to arrest,
I knew no matter what they were doing, they were doing it their best.
I never heard anyone question or blame them for their crime,
I always saw respect and honor most of the time.
I knew that I wanted to one day wear the badge and show it proud,
I kept that dream alive for years but I never knew what it meant until now.

I put on my armor as I dress for my shift each day,
I stand in front of my bathroom mirror and I slowly pray.
I pray for honor and protection of my platoon,
I pray the Lord keeps us safe so that we go home that afternoon.
I kiss my wife and hug her before I walk out the door,
I never know if I’ll make it home to kiss her once more.
I kiss my three children and look at them with tears in my eye,
I never know when it will be the last time that I get to say goodbye.

I care about the world we live in and each and every life,
I don’t care about your skin color or if that woman has a wife.
I don’t care if you are a Christian, Muslim or a Jew,
I will help you no matter what because I am a policeman and that’s what I do.
I don’t care if you are rich and full of wealth,
I will help the poor the same and never think of myself.
I don’t care if you are old and just want to stand and talk,
I will help the youngest person even if I have to help them walk.
I will help you find your dog or even that little cat,
I will be there with a smile on my face and wearing my TAXI-style hat.
I will help you even if you have called me names,
I am not here to judge you or point a finger at you to blame.
I will bust down the door to free you from the enemy inside,
I will administer CPR or first aid just to keep you alive.
I will step in front of a bullet just to save your life,
I will stand and fight even if they have a knife.
I will never deceive you or steal from you no matter the situation,
I will be honest and respectful no matter the problem you are facing.
l swore and took an oath to serve and protect my community no matter the cost,
I am a policeman, does anyone care that one day my life could be lost?

I became a policeman so that the kid looking out of his front door,
Will see the same policeman I saw and they won’t have to worry anymore.
If you have been mistreated, or given no respect,
Please don’t give up on the policeman, because most of us are here to protect.
Wearing my badge is the greatest honor of my life, I will serve and protect with the utmost respect.