Reality Check

I loved being in law enforcement. As do most cops. Why? Because we wake up every day with purpose – to protect and serve – a purpose most of us take very seriously.

To be a cop means acknowledging that you are part of something bigger than yourself. That you hold yourself to a high standard. That you care – every day, all the time – about the people with whom you work, the people you serve, and the laws you enforce.

It can also mean frustration. Sometimes respecting the law means being unable to arrest someone you know is a criminal; sometimes it means accepting gibes from the people you put your life on the line to protect. But for most cops, that frustration pales in comparison to the fulfillment we get from just doing our jobs.

Are there bad cops? Sure. Just as there are bad doctors, teachers, lawyers, chefs, judges, politicians… But as a group, cops are some of the finest people you will ever know, and even now, in retirement, I am proud to have served.