Being Prepared for a Missing person K-9 Search. Four Tips:

  1. Does your local police department have a K-9 Search Team?

    If not, can the Sheriff’s or Fire department provide a search team. San Diego Sheriff’s Department has search and recovery K-9 teams.

  2. Law enforcement and the search team will need to know.

    Information regarding any special needs, or circumstances leading up to the disappearance. Where was the last place you saw your missing child or person?

  3. Have on hand a favorite stuffed toy, article of worn/soiled clothing or bed sheet of the missing child or person.

    Try not to contaminate the articles with your scent while collecting the items.

  4. Provide a recent photograph of the missing child or person.

    A full body photograph and a portrait photograph is helpful. If you had your child fingerprinted, provide that information to the reporting agency.